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RE: Direct TV

Tony B wrote:
Thanks folks.

I initially figured that it wouldnt work that is why i asked. I know it dont take much swing or movement to throw it off. At the dock, it works just fine. I never have to adjust mine even though it is a floating dock and moves some. I guess if I want TV on the water I will have to buy that $4K antenna which will not be in my budget for a long while. Too many other priorities.
*I'd give it a go anyway,, I spent 6 days camping with buddy on a lake on a 30' pontoon, and we were watching/listening to TV all day while we were fishing.

Had solid anchors on both ends, so no swing, and it was pretty windy for 2 days with little waves. guess YMMV...

I wouldn't buy a tracker, when it's that bad out read/or radio...
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