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Unhappy Will i be safe?

Hello everyone. My name is Louie. I am 12 years old and 12 pounds of love and fluff! I am new to the forum, (and I'm all paws), so please bear with me. I have some concerns and questions and have searched here and on the sister forum, but did not see what I need to know.

My Mom and Dad are preparing to take their cruising dream trip of a lifetime. I heard them say that our "Land" home is under contract and is going to be sold on June 23rd, and then we are getting a new "Floating" home!! In fact, they are out right now looking for a good one. They said our target shove off date is Oct 1st. Plan is to head east from Orange Beach, AL where we live now and work the Florida Coast down to the Keys and then possibly winter over in the Bahamas. Dad says we have no particular agenda, place to be, or a time to be there, and the trip may last up to a year or even longer!!! I cant wait. My dad has been boating his entire life and has owned both inshore and offshore vessels, so I am confident he is a good safe Captain. But this is going to be his first "Live-a-Board" type of vessel. So I have some questions and concerns about me - LOUIE!!!

My parents love to socialize in the marinas, go to nice restaurants, do the night life scenes, visit different places, go shopping, fishing, snorkeling, etc. Sometimes I get to go, but sometimes I cannot go. What should they do with me when I cannot go? Will I be safe on the boat from strangers? I know they will confine me to the Salon area and keep me out of site. I am also not a "Yapper", meaning I do not bark all the time. (I hate it when my friends do that.) Will I be safe alone in Marinas. What about when we are anchored out and they need to take the Dingy and leave me? Should we make friends on neighbor boats so they can watch out for me? What about if we are anchored all alone in a bay or cove? What do other moms and dads do for their little guys like me? Any tips or advice from you experienced moms and dads would be greatly appreciated.

I bet a lot of you guys, (Loopers), have seen me before on the ICW around the Orange Beach/Pensacola waterways. We are always out and about in our beach boat and I like to stand right on the bow. We were the ones who always waived at you and wished it was us living the dream! On the land I am known as, "Louie the Lover". (I have a special Teddy Bear, so you can figure out the lover part!!!). But now, I think I want to be called, "Louie the Cruiser Dog". Thanks for your time guys, and I hope you have great advice for my mom and dad.
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