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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
I've had a Simrad, two Garmins and now Raymarine on my boats. I like the Garmins and I'd probably stick with them on the two Boston Whalers their system is on.

The bigger boat has a Raymarine setup (GPS Plotter/radar) and I like it. It's maybe not quite as user friendly and intuitive as the Garmin, but I like it.

I'd probably not buy a Simrad system again. There were some issues with it that I was able to address with their software engineers that I understand they have now fixed, but IMHO they should have fixed those issues before they released it.
Fixed before issued? I understand the frustration including that of twistedtree. If Simrad had known of the issues they would have been fixed beforehand. Software development requires extensive testing. The problem is that the testers must try, note the word try, to imagine every possible permutation of the use of the software driving a system. It is literally impossible to deploy new softwar free of bugs. Invariably, when new software is deployed "bugs" are encountered and through user feedback the bugs are corrected. My guess is that twistedtree was an early adopter; hence, more unidentified bugs. I came along much later after the bugs were fixed. No problems. It seems so simple but it is not.
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