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Steady Sails...Do they work?

Most people I've talked or corresponded with who have steady sails on their Grand Banks say they are pretty effective at reducing yaw at anchor or on a mooring and pretty much worthless for reducing roll in a beam sea. One thing a lot of people apparently don't take into account is how much strain can be put on a mast and stays if the sail is used to attempt to reduce roll. "Trawler" masts and booms are typically*not stepped or stayed like a sailboat mast, and I've read a few accounts on the GB owners forum about masts that have been snapped off by the wind and rolling action in a beam sea.

For reducing yaw on a mooring a steady sail can be quite effective if the sail is far enough aft of the boat's center of yaw. It's a bit like putting bigger feathers on the back of an arrow.* For this application the sail should be sheeted down tight*parallel to the*centerline of the boat. *I saw a number of lobsterboats in Maine the other year with rigs like the one in my photo. They keep the boats headed into the weather and waves but can be quickly taken down and stowed out of the way.

We don't have a steady sail on our GB although I have no doubt it would work to reduce yaw at anchor or on a buoy.* So we use a stern anchor instead.

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