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yachtbrokerguy wrote:
When considering cost of dockage, insurance, maintenance and everything else the fuel usage for most owners is a small percentage overall, and the extra fuel for twins over a single will only be a minor percentage of the whole.
*This is true until you have to do expensive things.* When the engine mounts in our boat finally wore out we had to replace two sets of them, not one.* That meant the time, effort, and labor cost of disconnecting and jacking up two engines, not just one.* There are two sets of cutless bearings wearing out, two shaft that might need straightening or replacing, two exhaust systems that someday may need replacing, two props that someday will need reworking or replacement, and so on.*

Having had all of these things and more*done on our boat over the years I feel safe in saying that while the fuel and routine maintenance costs of a twin over a single are not significantly different, the overall cost of having two engines in the boat vs just one can, over time, be very signficantly different.* And the older the boat, the more likely these expensive engine/transmission/running gear*maintenenance, repair, replacement,*or upgrade jobs will be.

That said we still prefer a twin over a single engine boat, but one pays a hefty price over time*for that second engine.

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