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RE: Which Style Trawler.

* My two cents worth. I looked at sail, but didn't like the down inside feeling. I looked at both aft cabin and sedan trawlers and came to the conclusion that most of my time would be spent on the flybridge, in the salon and on the back deck. The sleeping*accomidations on a sedan are spartan compaired to an aft cabin and if you have guests they are right next to you in the front v birth, plus* there is only one head.

* You can walk completely around the out side of the cabin without having to climb or hang onto the side, but best of all once docked just walk out the back door open the transom door and right onto the dock. When visiting another marina or anchoring out just plop down in a chair on the aft deck and enjoy the view and a brew.

** All of this was in 1986, I traveled the east coast several**times that year looking at various boats and finally closed the deal on a Marine Trader 40' single 120 Lehman sedan in Jan of 87, I still have it and still love it. I will admit that every now and then the I get the bug for 50' wide body, however a quick*reality check tells me that it would be to big for me to maintain and*would have*handling issues for a couple.* Now in my middle 60's the advantage of the walk around and boarding are really coming home.
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