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Which Style Trawler?

Tony B wrote:

Is there anyone here that after cruising or living aboard for a while wished that had bought the 'other' style and why?
*Tony--- Good question.* We bought a tri-cabin GB36 because it came on the market at the right time, it met our boating budget (sort of), and it is the same configuration of GB we had chartered.

Having had the boat now for 13 years I can say I like this configuration and I don't.* The advantage is if you have guests on board, which we got into boating vowing never to have.* So the forward cabin became a great storage space and "workshop."*

The last few years, however, it's been turning out otherwise as good friends from my television days in Hawaii have moved here and good friends from France have been visiting more often.* We've been taking these folks out on the boat fairly regularly, in the San Juans and north into BC.* So the tri-cabin configuration with its two separated staterooms and two heads is a major benefit in a boat of this size.

But.... we live in the PNW where climate change is, if anything, making it even more rainy and windy that it usually is.* For example, as I write this it is barely 60 degrees, cloudy, with light rain showers and this is the middle of July.* So were we in the market for a boat again, knowing what we know now, we would go for the Europa configuration with the covered side and aft decks.* The aft deck can be enclosed with curtains and plastic windows enabling one to be "outside" while not being outside.

The downside is that in a 36' boat, or at least a 36' Grand Banks, the Europa configuration has only one stateroom and only one head.* So if you have guests, someone has to sleep on a berth made up in the main cabin, and everyone has to use the same head up forward.

The solution, of course, is to get a bigger boat in the Europa configuration.* The GB42 and GB46 can have two or even three staterooms up forward so nobody has to sleep in the main cabin.* But that's more money.

The Grand Banks is not our preferred configuation of boat.* We both prefer a pilothouse boat.* Our ideal is a Fleming 55 or a deFever 46.* We really like the Krogen design but we both prefer a twin engine boat, albeit for different reasons, so that is the only way we'd probably ever go (unless I can find a boat with three engines :-)) so that rules out the Krogen.

But for a rainy, damp, windy climate, I think the Europa configuration in any size boat offers a real advantage.* I can't speak for what works best in a hot climate because I detest hot weather so would never find myself boating in a climate like that.* For me, the US stops at the southern Oregon border and the east side of the Rocky Mountains although having now visited there I also include Maine.* The rest of it can be given back to whoever we stole it from :-)

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