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RE: Which Style Trawler?

I can't comment too much on how successful a one-week shopping frenzy for your next boat can be. It seem WAY too limiting, ESPECIALLY since you are going from an entirely different class of boat to another. I can't endorse such behavior. I think there is far more of a chance of picking the wrong boat for your needs. Nevertheless, you seem to be asking the same questions over and over in different ways over many different threads. You need to worry less about fuel burn and more about the condition of the engines in general. If you ask me, your putting too much weight of fuel numbers. I don't fault you for thinking that coming from the sailing community. It's a power boat. You are going to have to buy a lot of fuel or sit still more. While sailboats don't use NEARLY the fuel, there are just as many other costs that offset those. So in the end, it's about the same operating expense.

TAKE YOUR TIME! Let your wife decide on which boat you are going to LIVE aboard. My question to you is: Why shop for boats 3000 miles away?
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