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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
This is a problem now. I tried to make a correction and somehow the correction goes back to the author, who rejected it and tried to get into an argument with me. The sad part is, the author was wrong, but since it was his post, my update was rejected and the original misinformation stood.

I wasn't about to post a note beside his note with the correct information, creating a conflict, so I let it go.

Since there is clearly an issue with the original owner and retributive practices, this presents a problem to Garmin who is bundling his services with their devices. Purchasing the software seems like a means to solve a problem IMHO.
There have been many issues in the past regarding misinformation and regarding plagiarized information. The owner of AC has been very unbending in addressing those complaints. I'm hoping there will be a change in managing and moderating of the information. I do believe Garmin will put more value in protecting their reputation than the previous owner has done. That's not unusual in that a proprietor has no one but himself to answer to, while a corporate entity has layers and many people to answer to. In the past the manager could offend people on a forum and it was his right as if it hurt business, it was his business and that was fine. In the future, Garmin will be more concerned with appearance and behavior in public. I could easily see someone with more a public relations leaning assigned the moderation and the social media tasks. While being a one man show and a maverick is very conducive to building a business, there is sometimes a positive element in having to be accountable to others in stabilizing and maturing that business.
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