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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
2 x 30A feed into a 50A has a brain box and is usually north of $400. There is an adapter (<$100) that will allow you to plug into 1 x 30 amp plug and feed both legs of your 50 amp service with 30 amps total. I'm using one now. Just need to be good at load shedding.

O C,

Tell me about that adapter. Seems like you'd have to monitor power carefully.
Now, if you plugged one leg of a reverse Y into a 30 amp supply, you'd get half of the power in the boat, i.e. one leg of the 50a, is that correct? So, if one used that, they could just pick the leg that would give them what they wanted.

I'd like to run the AC on dehumidify and the charger with that setup.

But your adapter has me thinking... do you have a part number?
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