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The OP asks a very good question. As to responses indicating strictly the parents' responsibility, the Captain is responsible for all passengers on the boat. His wife says no. To me that's the end of the story as I'd yield to the most conservative view. She may also know the parents best.

Now, under normal circumstances, we'll only take anyone under 3 in perfect conditions and with parent either holding or holding hand or able to take hand at all times. Basically it's a full time job. That means for a 2 hour run on a sport boat with everyone seated it works out ok. On a cruiser for 6 hours, it's really just too much. Yes, many children started on boats younger, but this one did not.

Now, it's a very personal decision and I don't fault alternative views, but I'm just viewing what the OP said about this specific situation.

We have a niece we love so much and would love to have with us. However, we've only taken her on a boat with all of us seated, including her. We will take her on a cruise after her 3rd birthday, which we've really looking forward to. Still life jacket and closely watched, but a little easier to manage. To this point, when her parents cruised with us earlier this year, she had a great time at home with her grandparents.
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