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I now always filter the water as it goes into the tanks. I use a spun polypropylene as a primary and then a ceramic filter as the secondary. This will NOT remove chlorine treatment but will remove dirt and bugs like Crypto and Giardia. These do slow down the tank filling a lot.

After that nothing.

I agree with T.T. that if you want more then after the tank would be the place to install further treatment. Maybe between the pump and the rest of the system including the HW side to keep it clean also.

There was an article in Pacific Yachting two or three years ago from a fellow who assembled his own U.V and filtering treatment system . He also rigged the boat for rainwater collection and took Mylar bags so those could be filled from streams on his trip to Haida Gwaii, B.C.. THe collected water went into a good sized ice cooler for before treatment storage. That water was then filtered and U.V. treated before it went into the boat tanks. THe article gave the name of the UV light supplier.

I do not have the article so maybe someone else can fill that in or go to P.Y site for back issues.

I would contact the mfgr of the system you have and get some info. If the U.V. light still works then install it but I would do it after the tanks. The UV lights do have some requirements and the draw can be substantial. [I believe]

For filling the tanks initially get a ceramic filter and a typical dirt filter to remove most of the contaminants. Then the UV system will do a better job.

After all this tome I would use some filtering to keep the tank water clean.

Your system may be worthwhile based on your water supply, cruising habits, cost to get working, and the current draw of the UV light.
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