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I made my own salt brine tank for my LectraSan out of an old 10 gallon Igloo cooler.
Fixed a hose into the drain port and made a little filter from nylon scrunges and a little square plastic container so salt crystals stay out of the hose.
I got a 1/2 inch 12vdc plastic gravity valve off ebay.
I teed into the input raw water line with a PVC valve to adjust the salt flow.
When I activate the electric head, the electric valve opens and it mixes the brine with the bay water as the head sucks in the water.
I get lots of flushes from the salt tank.
For salt I buy the large yellow solar salt bags at the HDepot.

I installed an ammeter wired to the electrode pack, so I can monitor the current. When it is optimal, current is 18 amps for 12 vdc system.

The electric ebay valve has held up very well on the inside, all rubber and plastic except for a SS small spring and plunger, and it has not corroded. The outside did corrode having a steel frame and screws. So I cleaned it up and coated with some marine grease, been ok for years.

Here is the valve I installed Oct 2011.

I would never remember all these details except that my email records all my purchases.

Brine tank I made. I just dump in a bunch of salt and add water.
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