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Hi. I posted there as a tag-on, but not sure it will find you. Here's what I said.

I’ve had a California 30 LRC with a fly bridge for 10 years. It’s a 1979 with a Perkins 6-354 turbo and her hull number is 17. She spent her first few years in San Francisco and was located in the Dana Point Marina when we found each other. She is named Trawler Trash and divides her time her time between Alamitos Bay (Long Beach Marina) and Cat Harbor (Catalina). So far, we’ve put on about 5,000 miles under her hull.

About 9 years ago, I contacted Mr. Marshall to ask the same question. Off the top, he thought there were about twenty 30’ LRCs made at the Santa Ana plant, which is about 15 miles from where she is now. I do periodic searches to keep an eye on others in the news/on the market and suspect there may be a few more than 20 (perhaps a few by Wellcraft? I haven’t seen anything definitive as to if or how many 30’s Wellcraft produced.).

These are rare boats and scattered about. Two years before I bought mine, I had seen one listed in Marina Del Rey and went to look at her knowing an offer was pending. I knew right away this would be the boat of my retirement (AKA - last boat), which is fine by me as she meets all my needs. I’ve been boating in Southern California all my life and for me, she’s a perfect fit.

There is another 30’ in Alamitos Bay (Bahia Marina) and a few years ago owners removed the fly bridge to get under a Pacific Coast Hwy bridge. Last I checked there’s one for sale in San Diego. I’ve also come across info. about one in Hawaii, a few in Florida, Oregon, Washington, Europe and one in the US was bought and shipped to Australia. In the Monterey area there’s even one with twin engines, but that’s the only one I’ve seen so far.

Right now, Trawler Trash is in the shipyard getting new bottom paint. In the next 6 months to a year I suspect she’ll get a new port fuel tank. Rains were hard this winter and leaks, the source I’ve yet to find, damaged interior paneling above the starboard window.

If you or others have questions about the Californian 30’, please let me know. Deke
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