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1982 Californian 34 LRC Fuel tanks: HOW BIG??

I plan to write more when I get a chance to get caught up on the real world reentry.* But here is a quick update,* I made it home on Saturday afternoon.* The boat is vibrating as a result of trying to grind driftwood into wood mulch,* I hit several things I never saw before or afterward in the wake.* Most of these were in deep water 50 to 60 feet or more.* I had a number of fuel and electrical challenges but managed to overcome all of them except my 'to do' list got longer.** Overall trip specs:* 641 miles traveled,* approximately 660 gals of fuel burned.* total time at the wheel approx. 143 hours over 13 days.** The Mississippi was over flood stage from Cairo Illinois at the Miss/Ohio confluence upstream for about 350 miles.* The worst current was probably about 9 mph.* The current got noticably better north of the Missouri river.* The Mississippi below St. Louis is a nasty, lonely, dirty, inhospitable place when it is flooding.* I saw boils of water a couple hundred feet in diamter where you could see the centers were actually a foot higher than the surroundind surface,* I seen a* few whirlpools that had vortex's a couple feet in diamter that you couldn't see the bottom of the hole in the water.* I checked river stages today, and they have gotten worse since I was there.

*I learned more about my boat in 13 days than I would have over a season.** Boat problems consisted of electrical gremlins, several iterations of dirty diesel filters, Air conditioning*electrical and water circulation pump issues.* A failed bilge pump, VHF problems, and windless failure.* I managed to get everything going again with parts I brought along, except the windless, I didn't have time to check it out.

I traveled with my Dad age 83.* He is not in the best of health with heart problems.* He can't take heat, walking or much exertion.* My mom passed away a few months ago and I figured he needed a diversion to get him out of the house.* He wanted to see the Mississippi.* He got to do that in a way few people do.

My wife is a freelance advertising graphic designer, she couldn't* get away for two weeks without good internet connection and still have happy costomers when she got back.* In hindsight, that was probably a good thing.* It was not an easy cruise.

But it was a great adventure.* My boats name is Ad Venture in honor of my wife business, but in my mind it is a way of life.

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