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RE: Fire Suppression

SeaHorse II wrote:I fully understand the reason for recommending "auto close vent doors (shutters)" but if the engine continues to run, with vents opened/closed, isn't the engine sucking in a great amount of fire suppression chemical and what damage to the engine, if any, can be caused by this?
*Shutting down the engine is the most important step. The circuit that releases the agent should first shut down the engine, then the ventilation if fitted, and then open the fire bottles.

If the engine keeps running the agent (Halon of one sort or another)will go through the engine and the exhaust will contain a very small proportion of hydrogen flourides and bromides*plus other nasty stuff but far less than the really toxic crap produced by burning engine room machinery*and other boat parts.

Damage to the engine is the least of your worries*as it will probably stop when* flames consume the*rubber and plastic parts and the saloon falls into the engine room.
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