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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post

You're new here, so I'm going to say this nicely, thow your f*cking used spare parts away! Buy new spares like belts, hoses, and impellers. When it's time to replace the item in service, use your spare and buy a new one for your spares. You're rotating out your spares, so what you have as a spare is unused and not that old. Think about it, if you have to change a failed impeller while out cruising with an old used spare, you'll just have to change it again later because it's old and used.

Welcome to the forum! Sorry for jumping on you. You just touched one of my biggest pet peeves.


I don't disagree with but...

I had a new spare impeller on the boat when I bought it. I pulled the old one and tried to install the new one. I couldn't. I thought I was just failing because the impeller was so much bigger than what I was used to with my little Yanmar.

I fashioned some DYI installer tools. They didn't work. I bought am impeller compression tool. It didn't work. I finally had a mechanic try and install it. He couldn't do it.

I finally bought another impeller. It went in slick as snot.

The spare impeller was in the manufactures own box. It had the correct part number stamped right on the impeller. Same part number as the one I successfully installed. However there was a very slight difference in the spines of the shaft that made it not fit.

In a seaway trying to change the impeller, do I want to trying to install one that has never been in that pump or one that I know fit because I had taken it out of that pump 6 months prior?

Just a thought...

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