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Trawler Choices need help

What Model Mainship are we talking said 87-89 with Yanmars??? Doesn't sound right. Now if you meant 97-99 then I understand. I will echo what everybody else said. Also, what is your boating experience? If you can get into a nicely updated Hatteras and get on board and truly visualize being able to maintain the systems, then I would lean towards the Hatt. I am a big Mainship fan....I own one. And I have nothing against them. I think strictly speaking of money, the Hatt has already depreciated and the Mainship still has some devaluing to do(if we are talking about the late 90s 390s). Also, the Hatt has a lot more room although it is "just" 3 feet longer. Technically, the 390 is really a 35ft boat with a 4ft swim platform. Albin(it's main competitor at the time) started including swim platform in the length of their boats and then Mainship did as well. WHich is why the earlier ones are called 350s and you will see them referred to as 350/390....same boat. If I were cruising, I would get the LRC. For a weekend boat, I would get the 350/390. That is just me. I am quite fond of both boats for different reasons.


PS(edit)...I just searched YW for 87-89 diesel powered Mainships at 35-39 such animal so I am assuming we are talking about late 90s Mainships instead of late 80s.....

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