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RE: Trawler Choices need help

It's a tough one. You can certainly find older boats in*better*condition with updated systems than newer ones so although age is a factor it is not a show stopper with an older model.*A couple of the Hats out there for sale in the 150k range have*updated electronics and appliances and newish or rebuilt stabilizers. Do i need all*that...short answer no...would it be cool to have Hat name...resale value...solid hull with stabs...yes it would...I don't have silly money but some of these Hat owners updated their boats really nice and spared no expense only to move into a bigger*Hat shorty afterwards. Their loss*and my gain kinda thing and they could care less.*So I was hoping to hear more negative stuff*on the Mainship i guess to talk me out of a older hat for more money but alas the 39 mainships for around 120k seem to have a decent reputation.*
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