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Did you find this? https://www.absolutelyeverythingabou...-iberica-ebro/. Not sure it helps, but the Spanish manufacturing history is interesting.
Is the "65" a reference to hp, ie 65 instead of the usual 80? My Lehman book shows the 4cyl engine as 242cu up to 11/69 with liners, and 254cu without liners from 12/69 on. Not sure if the "220" refers to cu.
Is the cylinder head a Lehman Marinizing Part? I`m not sure but I don`t think so. Others may know more. Your quest should be easier if you just need a 4 cyl Ford head. When I bought a FW circulation pump from a NSW tractor dealer Wagga Wagga Tractor (on ebay)for my 6cyl there were many Ford products it fitted.
If the head is unserviceable as is and a repair fails you are no worse off. Worth a try if someone is up for it.
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