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Bush pilots in Alaska use them, where they used to strain the fuel through a chamois. In my opinion it depends on how contaminated the fuel is, but if you stop the fill and check the funnel for water accumulating in the bottom once in a while it will be pretty obvious is there is much contamination in the fuel.

Pilots were usually pumping their fuel out of 55 gallon drums with a hand pump, I used a siphon hose to move fuel from 15 gallon drums into the boat fuel tank. Yes, you dispense the fuel into the funnel and let it drain into the tank. Yes, you could overflow the funnel if you filled it too fast, just like you overflow a funnel changing oil in your car or truck if you don't watch the drainage rate as you fill.

It's a BIG funnel, so you shouldn't have any issues. You may need someone to hold it straight as you fill it, as it is so large you could pull it off center with the fuel fill and tip it over.
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