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Thanks all very much,
I now have a good solution to the problem.
I really liked Ski's idea of using a split hose clamped to the inner race and the shaft. Was concerned about the hose sliping off in reverse.
On the end of the inner race that sticks out I'd clamp a 1" split tube of strong plastic or metal. A half shell. And I'd make a half shell of SS with an ID to fit the shaft. Near the fwd end I'd have a little rod about 1/8" dia and 1/4" long welded to the shell sticking up about 1/4". Up enough to engage the half shell clamped to the inner race.
With this arrangement the shaft is free to move fore and aft. The outer race will follow the inner race except for the 160 degrees of the open half shell on the inner race.
Sorry it's getting kinda wordy.
But I think it will totally solve the problem. The shaft to inner race movement allowed may keep the shaft from corroding and sticking to the inner race. Every time I shift it will need to move 160 degrees .. inner race to shaft. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the half shell coming off the inner race edge.

FF interesting about the brngs that can be R&Red w the shaft in place.

717 Visconite ... That's great. And you used it as a shaft bushing. Lubed I assume.

Larry I really like that bearing in the pics but I'm set on allowing the shaft to move fore and aft. Also aligning it would be a big deal ... TOO MUCKING FUCH.

SO I've got a little fabricating to do. I'll do a followup later.

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