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If I was to put a "locking collar" on as you describe I could lock the shaft w the collars as in my pics w the same result. Except there would be a very small amount of radial "slop" depending on the fit of inner race to shaft.

Derlin would perhaps be a suitable material. On several of my ultralights derlin was used for wheel bearings. Brief loads only though.
I wonder if I could get a babbitt bearing w the same configuration and bolt pattern? Probably can. But that's still a haulout and considerable work.
Oh now I see I'd have to drill a dimple on the shaft and install a set screw to use the collars. Larry's probably right the resulting vibration from locking the bearing probably would'nt be much. I'd be pretty unhappy if it was though. I may have the smoothest 30' Willard in existence and I'd sure like to keep it that way.
And if I run the boat w/o fixing this I'll probably ruin the shaft. ????

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