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Well this is'nt what I wanted to know.
In order to use the threaded hole and lock the inner race to the shaft I'd need to locate the exact spot and put a serious dimple on the shaft. Deep enough to hold about 1000lbs loaded in sheer. And I do'nt want that vibration in my boat either.

I could of course replace the bearing I have now w the babbitt bering that the Fales has but w the haulout ect that would be a boat buck. If I had access to the other side of the bearing I could install one or two "collars" (as seen in my pics) on both sides of the inner race of the bearing thus locking it fore and aft. Probably could do that if I cut out some of the floor ahead of the bearing. And of course I don't know what's down there. In this case it appears to me that Fales knew more about what they were doing than Willard. Just my opinion though.
With the babbitt bearing one would need to grease it quite regularly I suppose. And to pic up the grease droppings I'd need to cut out the floor anyway.

Again I sure wish I had a Lignamvita bearing. For those that are'nt famillar w Lignamvita it's a very dense and heavy wood. It sinks in water. Most of the old salmon trollers up north had Lignamvita stern bearings .. in lieu of the modern brass sleeve with fluted rubber inside.

Thanks again for your excellent input Larry.

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