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Lang 28 - more information

I am late to the original post, but hope you find this information helpful. I bought the Lang 28 that is carried in the link to the Hull Truth website. The previous owners we purchased it from were incredibly friendly and helpful with the transfer and education of the operation of the boat. They owned (andl loved) Lady Louise for many years and decided to move up to a larger trawler. The boat was very well maintained over the years with a complete refit in 2006. I bought the boat when I retired and my wife and I have enjoyed every minute that we spend on her. The refit replaced the old engine with an 8.1 Crusader engine that runs flawlessly. Although the boat is capable of higher speeds, I like to cruise at around 10 knots or under. This is my first big boat, so I had to get use to the single screw steering, but I have long ago adapted and feel like I can operate the boat blindfoled. The boat is incredibly seaworthy, as my wife and I found out when we got caught out on Nantucket Sound when a squall blew through. We were kicked around a bit and it was pretty scary, but there is no doubt that this boat will get you back to port safely even under the worst conditions. Not sure how many more years I will be able to keep the boat given my age, but will definitely enjoy every moment spent on the boat. I do have some of the original brochures and would be willing to copy and mail out at no cost if anyone is seriously interested. To all current and future Lang owners -- enjoy an incredible boat!
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