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Originally Posted by AKDoug View Post
Yes, I have one and it works as well as advertised. It works best if the quantity of water in the fuel is small enough that it doesn't flow up on the green filter element and the water stays in the bottom of the funnel.

I suspect a very small amount of water does make it through the filter element, which I believe is teflon coated, but the primary fuel filter should take that little bit left out of the system. I don't think I would try to filter grossly contaminated fuel with it. I think pouring the contaminated fuel slowly also makes the separation work better.

They are popular with airplane pilots up here in Alaska. I think I would filter it into another container rather than to flow it directly into the fuel tank so it was filtered a couple of times...

I have used mine for gasoline, no idea how well it would work with diesel.
Filters Petrol, Diesel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene they say are suitable for liquids?

This filtering is probably based on a very dense network that does not reach the water molecule through. the market has a lot of "snake oil" stuff, this might not, may be?

I found BoatTest sites is rewiev the mr. Funel filters
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