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Sunchaser, in my opinion, makes an interesting point, in regard to a newer Bayliner, for appox same money, newer systems etc, than an old GB or old Hat. But I disagree with him on making a 453 Detroit perfect, due to the fact that the engine design is 2 stroke. In my opinion, you will never stop the 453, from leaking, bleeding oil, due to its design. Nor the blow by, problem. It's just because of the engine design, being 2 stroke, that being said , they do run good.
On the other point of buying now, something you really don't want, could be a potential nightmare, when's it time to get rid of it. Experienced boaters know the maintenence of old boats is enormous, and selling any of them could be a major headache, when your ready to move on. And if you decide on a Bayliner, it's going to take a special buyer there also, their reputation is not stellar for quality, with many in the business, even though for coastal cruising, there is a lot of them around. You have a lot to think about, just remember your odds of getting your money back at the end is never going to happen in my opinion, when it's time for your dream boat. I say keep saving and forget the interim boat.
Sorry for blabbing, just been through, having 2 boats at the same time, not FUN. Also did not mean to offend anyone in regard to Bayliner, just heard it over and over from boat yard owners, etc, etc.
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