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Lehman Fuel Starvation

I have a DeFever 49 RPH with twin Lehman 135s. Took it for a weekend cruise - only about 30nm each way. On the way back I was having problems with the starboard engine. It would run fine at lower RPM (less than about 1400 RPM) but when I ran the RPM up to between 1600 - 2000 it would run fine for awhile and then bog way down like it was starved for fuel. If I did nothing it would die and then I could restart it. If I grabbed the throttle and pulled way back and worked it up slowly it would come back up to speed and run fine for 15 - 30 minutes and then do it again. Got back to the marina last night and had to drive home for an out of town trip this week so I did not have time to change any filters. I ruled out bad fuel because both engines were drawing from the same tank and I polish it regularly and the port engine was fine. My suspicion is a clogged primary and/or secondary filter or maybe faulty racor ball valve but I thought it could also be fuel pump or injectors. I wanted to check here for input before I made the decision to call a mechanic.

Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts.

Mike S.
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