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I'm 90% certain it's a scam, 'cuz when I did a search for vessel documentation, all the legitimate sites have a either a "USDC" (U.S. Documentation Center) or an "NVDC" (National Vessel Documentation Center) logo, neither of which seem to be on the letter you posted. They also include USCG in their URLs. I'd be 100% sure if I could figure out how they managed to hijack the Pay-Gov page, 'cuz it seems to be real.

Hopefully you used a credit card. If so, I'd dispute the charge, including all correspondence from 'em including their threat to put a lien on your boat if you do. That suggests to me that it happens a lot, that they figure no will risk it for just $75. I'd also forward all of it the real USCG doc service.

That's what I'd do anyway...
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