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RE: Rafting up ??

We almost always set our own hook when rafting up. In my previous boats with twin engines, I would drop a hook way out in front of the raft up if it was already in existence, back down on it with adequate scope to make sure it was set, then drop a lot more rhode and back down on the raft up with the hook already set. Once tied off to the boats I'd pull in the excess rhode. This way, my anchor was set and we were good to go for the night, even if others left and we were the only boat remaining. Obviously we would only raft up in calm quiet anchorages out of the reach of turbulent waters. If we were first to the anchorage I'd set the hook as normal but then let out extra rhode to make sure we were good and usually ever other boat, +/-, would drop a hook though it often depended on captain ability to do so. The dinghy trick mentioned previously works good too. I am guessing with our Monk we'll mostly dinghy over instead of raft up- hard to set a hook and accurately back down with just a single screw with no thrusters! For us though, rafting up was/is all about fun times with close friends on the water.
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