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RE: Rafting up ??

"You gotta tell me how you set a hook with any scope for a raft up."


As stated we use a dinghy and a 2 person crew. Take the anchor rode out maybe 120 feet then drop being careful to drop so the anchor is in the correct orientation to set.* Then we go back to the bow of the big boat and grab the rode again and follow it out to the anchor maybe 40 feet or so. Then we set the anchor with the dinghy in reverse. One tug to get it to grab, and another hard pull with some momentum to set it. Then the anchoring boat* can take up slack until there is a strain close to equal to those already anchored.

Also use the dinks to unhook in a similar manner alsthough many times I have done it myself with my single screw when I had my old *34 Mainship I.

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