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Originally Posted by klee wyck View Post
I am going to try this again because:
A. I figured out how to get the pictures right side up and
B. I got exactly zero input on my question and I really would appreciate helpful advice on this.
How many of you use a two anchor system? Do they foul each other on tide or wind changes? How far apart do you drop them?
I am having hard time warming up to two but also not sure how to make a good switch to one. This boat is not easy to fit on an anchor chart because of the length to weight disparity. At 52 feet and 114000# there are three anchor sizes between one recommended for this weight and one recommended for this length. Go with the largest and that is one very big anchor and brings the two anchor idea back into play.
I am also not sure what this windlass is going to do with one very large anchor. It looks like the current set up pulled one anchor at a time. It is an external electric motor driving a gear that is coupled to the windlass gears by two V belts.
What would you do?

Twins anchor rules for vessel

When using two anchors grip increases only in the event that the anchors are close to each other, (not more than 30 degrees to each other), and the chain is sufficient outdoors.
While the vessel is moored with two anchors should be controlled in turn depend on the ship's anchors in such a way as to avoid confusion with anchor chains.

ANCHORING stern Mortgages
2.Two anchors for approaching moorings parallel to the dock or the shoreline far enough away from it. When the first anchor is calculated, continue forward or backward, until agreement is reached on this about four times the depth of the corresponding distance when calculating a second anchor. After this, the stern of the vessel turned towards the moorings and act as has been said in the previous paragraph.

Removal is carried out in such a way that the chain is removed first, and the ship is using the machines in such a position that the lifting anchors is safe and can be free to deal with the beginning of the anchors detached from the bottom. Often it is necessary to keep upwind stern rope stick and give it to loosen, until the origin is clearly outside the space for mounting.
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