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To answer Dhays question from the chain bitter end thread rather than hijack that one.

Prep is going well I think, though nothing happens quickly in the marine trades it seems.

Systems that I think are ready, though not thoroughly time tested: Electrical, mechanical/drivetrain, and HVAC. The electrical was a bit of a project as you would imagine and we went further than originally planned. The electrical system with its 5 voltages (yes 5, 2 DC and three AC) was very complicated and included numerous relays for automatic switching based on sensing power sources. We eliminated much of the automatic switching and went to manual selector switches instead. Thanks to Victron I should now be able to plug into virtually any shore power in the world and still run the boat as she is with 12 and 24 volt DC , 220 volt single phase AC and 220 and 400 volt three phase AC. I would say that 90% of this boat is DC so there are few appliances that I would need to worry about replacing at European voltage and frequency. So far I have only found the laundry, coffee pot and microwave. There are of course some motors involved in this in the tankage systems and windlass but I am not going to fear sourcing those should they need replacment. The mechanical and drive train issues from survey were relatively minor to solve once we had clean fuel. The diesel fired furnace to a multitude of radiators throughout the vessel have made a very harsh NW Winter quite pleasant on the boat. I am going to leave the household sized and plumbed toilets as is for now based on advice from contractors. It was odd not having marine type toilets at first but I am warming up to the idea, tanks and all.
Projects left are comnav equipment and rode lengthening. The comnav is virtually a start over which is OK with me. The Robertson AP might be salvageable but is currently not seeing a fluxgate. I am considering a GpS compass considering the steel hull. It has one helluva AP pump in the engine room that I think also runs the joystick steering.
For those who might be so kind as to comment on my comnav choices here is the plan. The reason this is last is that these decisions have not been easy for me du to lack of experience and knowledge.
For charting I plan to go CE on PC and have Navionics on a PAD in Lifeproof box as backup. Radar will be Furuno 6KW 1945, Vesper AIS, and still fussing about sonar for depth/bottom contour/fish. I want stand alone display for that and have planned to abandon the EchoPilot forward looking sonar to use the same hole for the new transducer. I will need at least one more radio which I hope will also serve as hailer/fog. I agree that the new Standard Horizon due out in March looks extremely handy in that regard.

I want most of this out of my hair by mid March.
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