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RE: trawler needing to be towed from Boca Del Toro, Panama to Colon, Panama & DD 453's replaced

No I want to just put back in old technology (but very reliable) and i'm sure newly rebuilt 453's that are rated at 112-120 hp will give me 10,000 hrs plus (longer than I will own boat I am sure) so if done right these motors will outlive me and should be able to be rebuilt relatively inexpensively. I actually am hoping I can find someone that has a pair of rebuilt 453's down there already and just pop those in and give them my old ones. There is a lot of fishing camps in Panam & Costa Rica and they use a lot of these 453's from what I am told so I think I have to go down there and imerse myself in the problem and get it resolved. Yes I agree about the tow that could turn out disasterous. I am even thinking of chartering a boat down in colon and going up myself & friends and towing it back myself or hiring a local boat up here in states and towing it back the entire way. I will check out to see if I can get it started and clean the fuel properly will she make it 150 miles ?
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