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RE: trawler needing to be towed from Boca Del Toro, Panama to Colon, Panama & DD 453's replaced

Boat has been sitting for years and owner died. It got towed to boca del toro marina and local mechanic said one motor had no compression and took heads off for some reason. Other motor need starting fluid to get her started but she did run (very weak he said). I am heading to boat here in a few weeks with a diesel mechanic from states to evaluate about possible one engine trip down to colon (150 miles approx) but hate to chance it and I need a back up plan (local fisherman maybe follow down and get towed if need be. We may ship boat back but my preference is to rebuild down there if cost effective and bring boat back on its own bottom for sure. Did I mention both generators are done as well. Mechanic stated Onan main is seized and westerbeke runs but no electric production so 4 new motors to install but on the bright side I will be starting with all new. Also fuel is supposedly bad and full of growth? So it more than likely is bad and needs to be pumped out and tanks cleaned as well. So a tow is looking more and more likely but once I see it personally I can evalaute a little better. I like the ideas of a local fisherman with a tow. I had heard also from someone here locally about fisherman from the states fish down there and maybe they could tow me back?
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