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RE: trawler needing to be towed from Boca Del Toro, Panama to Colon, Panama & DD 453's replaced

It is rare for both motors too die at one time.

If there not rusted solid , how about getting them running long enough to get to the sates?

DD are not hard to rebuild , but if there old it takes a full machine shop , not just an inframe kit tossed in.

Tho that might get you back , then rebuild properly or replace with whatever
I would see if one of the local fish boats were willing to do the tow .

Be very careful about the tow contract , use a local lawyer familiar with the quirks of maritime law, or the skipper of the fish boat will slap a SALVAGE lien on your boat.

I would go to the canal guys and see who did their DD work , and see about the rebuilds.
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