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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
Not answering your question at all, but if your bottom is fouled now, I wouldn't wait for over a year to address it. At the very least I would have a professional diver clean the bottom then do it regularly on a schedule. If the diver can't clean it, then I would haul it this year, take care of the bottom, then have a diver clean it on a schedule.

Another question that doesn't help your initial question at all (sorry), have you checked changed your anodes in the past three years? That is another reason I use a diver (and the fact that my water is just too damn cold).
Our summer water temps can get into upper 80's.

Have not checked any anodes. There are 4 under there.
I am also wondering about switching to aluminum anodes.

I always have replaced them at haul outs, and typically my hauls are on a 4 year schedule.
Typically, the rudder anodes are there but wasted, and the shaft anodes loose or gone as in completely missing.

What I have done with the underwater metals on my last haul in 2014.
I first paint with zinc chromate primer all the running gear.
Then I coated - smeared a thin layer of a waterproof polyurethane over all except the shaft.
I used Loctite S30 polyurethane. It is smooth enough to cover with a thin layer.

Then bottom paint all of it.

My thinking is keep the water away from the metal and the chance for corrosion goes way down. I don't ever see any metal disintegration-pinking etc...

Another thing I wonder is, barnacles have bases they attach to metal. Those bases keep the metal dry away from salt water, so barnacle bases may actually help preserve the metal.

A prop edge, the barnacles get worn away, so prop edges can dezincify I suppose easier as they are exposed to the salt water..

So I am curious how the zincs are doing this time.
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