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I wouldn't say it's fake. It looks like a presumably legitimate documentation service company. A bit misleading? Sure, if you aren't paying attention. Sleezy, yes. But down at the bottom of the home page it does say:

U.S. Vessel Documentation is NOT the U.S. Coast Guard or the National Vessel Documentation Center; we are a third party agency that handles USCG Documentation processing to NVDC

I guess I don't see it as any worse that the endless calls and emails I get about my car warranty expiring. They all suck.

One thing I check before doing business with any web outfit is read the about page and the contact page. If there is no substantial description of the business, and no actual street address, I just move on. This outfit doesn't even have an about page, let along any company info. So they seem to be making every effort to make you think they are the NVDC.
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