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Envirovent and aftercooler removal

When I bought my boat, the Airseps were really not working all that well and you could tell the CCV was puking oil into the bilge. Not a ton, but enough to make a mess. I have put off doing anything about it until now....just tired of the mess. I bought the envirovent system to replace the AirSeps.

Now, I went down to the boat thinking this was gonna be super easy. Well not so fast. I need to be able to actually get to the CCV to be able to cap it off and also remove any remaining AirSep plumbing. In order to do that, the aftercooler has to come off...or at least disconnect the hoses on the top and disconnect the mounting bolts and rock the aftercooler back on the remaining hoses.

Just wondering if anyone has done this or know what I am talking about, what is the best way to do it? Also, I have my aftercoolers serviced by the local Cummins people. This might be my gateway into doing them myself as I get older and grumpier and cheaper..... ....and they just keep raising their prices.

CCV=crank case vent
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