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Adding wood, (and work)

Through out the boat we have remodeled/up graded since she is so ugly on the out side we decided to pimp her up on the inside.* Trying to make the new blend with the old original takes some doing.*
Some of the interior wood is not Teak, but wood that had the grain, looked like the surround teak and stained to match.* The back deck wood is teak, but many of the interior book cases/shelves have only teak trim.* Oak seems to have the same grain/look.*
People seem to be surprise how well the new matches the old, and even more surprised I built most with hand tools on the stern deck.* Had the larger pieces cut at the lumber store down to manageable size, and then cut to fit.* I used a Makita small 6" thin blade had to eye/hand fit as the boat is no square or levle.* If you do*remodel a boat forget the*square and for sure rhe level.*** The salon is a mess as my wife likes to quilt/saw during the winter.*
*She made new salon thermal curtains that match the master bed spread, which really pimped out the salon and goes well with the teak.* All the wood has been repaired/replaced, and/or stained and re varnished in satin.* I have been thinking if re vanishing in gloss, which would really pimp the boat.** The reason I use Liquid Gold as it leave a gloss shine which makes the teak stand out.*


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