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RE: Livingstone Dinghy

I think all Livingston have that low point to collect water.* The best way is to fill the area with epoxy with a filler, up to the hole so water can not collect.** I have not filled that asrea as I use it to pump out the water as its about 1" deep, so what water reemain is in that area.* Beside the area behind the seat is where I put/store stuff, so*the little bit of water does not bother me.*

I just*got the 25 hp merc engine yesterday, the compete fuel system had to be clean/replace from the fuel tank to the spark plugs.* Fuel tank emptied/cleaned, fuel hose, fuel pump, carb rebuild, injectors and spark plugs because of ethinal fuel damged the rubber.* At the same time I also had him replace the water pumps so now its completely built.

I bought the 12 ft mid consel livingston, 25 hp motor, 4 hp motor*and trailer for $1,200 bucks.***The bill for engine* was 725 bucks.* )-;* *
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