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I agree all boats will roll but some do roll more than others. I have spent time on both the round bottom pilgrim and hard chinned boats and the difference is notable. My present boat hard chinned is good and if I were using it in the ICW I would want a gyroscopic stabilizer. The Pilgrim was a problem in the ICW with all the close wake of boats in the narrow shallow marked channels and some days it was one wake roll after another weekends the worse time to travel. Where my boat is now in the PNW there is only one area with a long narrow two way waterway, otherwise there is not that much close wake. The winds in the PNW where I cruise are also commonly on the nose or tail. So given the concept of a new pilgrim I would ditch the round bottom besides in steel it is a lot easier to build with chines. I would do a relatively heavy steel chinned SD hull(even if used only at displacement speeds) with a wide butt and sharp waterline chines aft. If draft where not a big issue I would have a big protected prop with 5ft of keel. If $ were not a big issue a gyroscope as icing. The pilgrim design as is on the used market is in my opinion an excellent boat for those who will use it in protected waters as intended by its designer a good blend of boat and cottage on the water.
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