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Originally Posted by Lou_tribal View Post
Hi fellow TF members!
As strange as it can be, the engine mount onboard my boat does not have any engine fuel filter. Don't ask why, it is what it is.
My fuel filtration is limited to a single filter that I believe is a type Lucas 296 in case anybody knows it.
For the last 20 years it was like it and it is running fine, but it makes me a bit nervous knowing that usually engines have at least 2 filter with the finest on the engine.
Now my question is can I add a secondary filter on the engine? Would there be any impact on the fuel pump?
If yes can I add any model or what model of filter would best fit?

Thank you for any help on this.
if you worked just fine 20 years is unlikely to want to add another filter.

I recommend you add another filter you ever change or fix the fuel injection.

do you know cav power filters to clean any size of particles?

I believe there is no technical impediment to add a second fuel filter on the machine, you need to know max fuel flow and to design a filter according to the trade that will sell you a shoe filter and the filter is able to help you for sure, or looking at the equivalent same power motor parts.

A second aspect would be to buy a new part to wait, sometimes when the pump breaks down, and again, you can run the following 20-30 years with no worries and work to change the fine filter.lazy days...
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