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RE: Recipes and Favoite Dishes

OK, I"ll Bite.

This works well for any any white/red fish.

1x lime
2x cloves garlic diced(no pre made garlic)
1x green ginger(about the size of the top of your little finger)
1x dash of soy sauce
1x dash sea salt/cracked pepper
2x tablespoon fresh chopped Corriander
1x dash of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 finley sliced red onion
1x red birds eye chilli(optional)

1/ zest the lime and put aside(ie finley grate the skin of the lime )
2/ dice the garlic & ginger & juice the lime
3/ add all the ingredients,except the lime zest, into a bowl
4/ Place fish in the marinade(about 30-40 minutes, not longer as the marinade will start to cook the fish)
5/ Wrap each fillet of fish in a foil parcel and sprinke some lime zest over, seal and cook on a hot BBQ for 10 minutes

Serve a top of a bed of rice with some corriander leaves as garnish
can also be used for green prawns(shrimp) although use a saute pan instead of a BBQ, and chicken(increase the marinade time to 60-90 minutes
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