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Correction kev_rm: Every residential and commercial toilet has a vacuum breaker incorporated into it.

Nope...residential toilets that have a tank don't, and commercial toilets to which flush water is fed directly to the bowl don't either because the water supply is always pressurized...which essentially creates a backflow preventer. But on a boat or RV, the fresh water system is pressurized only while the water pump remains on.

I don't see a vacuum breaker in your drawing of a commercial toilet...and your drawing of a residential toilet is only the tank....and the flush valve is a flapper valve that's lifted when the toilet is flushed. So even if the tank overflows, there's no the water pipe that feeds the tank can feed the bowl directly.

I have 3 toilets in my house, all of different ages (house is 30 years old), all with different flushing mechanisms in the tank...the only flush valve in any of 'em is a rubber flapper valve in the bottom of the tank. On all of 'em a chain or a rod on an arm that the flush lever raises lifts it. And the ball cock only prevents the tank from overflowing by shutting off the flow of water when the correct level in the tank is reached. If it overflows, the floor gets wet...there's no way that water in the toilet bowl can ever get into the water plumbing.
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