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Originally Posted by swordfish View Post
when I was sanding down my hull in prep for painting, suddenly a code start to appear from under the paint. I have found no paperwork on this issue on board and I had no idea what it was. So I started searching on the Albin forum.
I've found something about it but I don't understand it fully yet.

As an example there was:
AUL = Albin
33 = Model - 33+3 Express Trawler
125 = 25th built - Albin always started production with hull 101
J = Month Hull molded - October (J is 10th letter in alphabet
1 = Year Hull molded - 2001
02 = 2002 Model Year

My hull number is
#EUR 32 110 0 2 78

if I apply above decryption to my hull number I run against a number of things.

EUR= Browns marine inc FL.
32=model 32
110= 10th built
0=?? its not a letter?
2=year hull molded 2002
78=1978 model year (or 2078)

So I don't have a Albin. its not a 33 trawler model. zero is not a letter if I pretend its an O, it must by a 15th month. ?septembruary or marchtember depending its a leap year?. its a 78 model but the hull is only 15 years old.

in that case they have done a great job letting it look like a 39year old boat

I think I'm doing something wrong
can somebody help me

This is boat CIN-code, you can read more this link
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