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Originally Posted by kthoennes View Post
On our previous boat I thought I wanted to sound like the Queen Mary too, so I went off the deep end. Installed a compressor under the upper helm cowling, ran lines, even installed a volume tank as a reserve, and then mounted two of the loudest 18-wheeler horns I could find. It scared the dog and hurt its ears, made my wife angry, and when I blew it at the dock for testing, I had to warn all my dock neighbors first. It seemed like a kick-butt, fun idea at the time, but I should have spent my time and money on something else. I don't think I ever did blow that horn a single time for actual safety or fog reasons.

Only time I have ever used one in 40 years on the water is 3 quick toots reversing from a fuel dock or marina.

$25 eBay special fills those needs.
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