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Thanks to the three of you for these useful responses. I feel like there is a sound answer in there and indicates not a strong need to get real creative here.
These two hanging there are large anchors with a geometry that is very similar to the anchor Murray referenced. I will try to get a weight on them when I am in the yard but judging by their size in real life against others I have experience with, I am going to put them around 150# each.
Adding two hundred feed of 1/2 inch G4 to one side only adds 500# of new weight which I am going to call insignificant (<0.5%) even given its location. This gives me 5:1 in 60' with 900# of steel and a very large fluke area between the boat and the seabed. I think I am going to call that good for the conditions I will see and be willing to anchor in. If it gets worse than that I guess I will be bow into it with the motor on and wide awake anyway! Hull shape/entry and low windage are in my favor I think and I am just not equipped to judge the buoyancy effect of this chunk of steel in a surge relative to the catenary available with all 300' of the chain out. Physics experts? The chain has a working load of 9200#. The capability of the windlass should not be question since we would never be lifting more than the current arrangement if never anchored in over 100 feet.

To Peter, it would not be very difficult to go straight out the front over a roller given the structure and material in the bow and that is one option I was considering. For that I would need the chain anyway so I think going with option of keeping these anchors and adding chain to one and running that way awhile would not preclude this option at a later date.

Thanks for the help,
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