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Klee Wyck

Yike, you're in a bit of a pickle with your anchor situation! I agree with Toliver, that two bow anchors are rarely set simultaneously in the PNW. best to rig your new boat?

As I presume up-sizing one of your existing anchors is a non-starter due to the hawsepipe size and/or geometry or windlass capacity it seems to me you may be restricted to simply adding another 200-300' of chain to one anchor, and go from there. Frankly, the need to anchor in extreme conditions up here is pretty remote. Unless you deliberately intend to operate come hell or high water, the availability of sheltered anchorages is pretty good up here. And unless the existing anchor is pitifully unsuitable, additional scope usually fills the bill.

Obviously, converting to a bow roller and single more suitable anchor is possible. Just bring money. But in answer to your question of "what would I do", I'd add chain to one anchor and carry on. And perhaps board another 300' of synthetic line as backup.


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