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I recognize the perils here considering both the subject matter and the idea of seeking consensus among diversity.....but what the heck.

The electrical system has been Americanized to an operative degree, survey items mostly tidied up, fuel cleaned up, and we are on to electronics update after the holiday. We are planning now for the anchor(s) question. There I said it....anchor(s).

First order of business is more chain length. The two anchor system has 100' of half inch chain each. Apparently the Dutch canals are not deep and there was no plan to anchor in the North Sea! We will need more. The anchor lockers may hold 300 but this would be much easier to understand with one anchor rather this this two anchor system.
First, any comments on one v. two? I am having a hard time warming up to the two but many larger boats are set up this way (see first pic). What gives?

If one, there would be an option to use one of the existing nests or another option would be to go straight out the front over a roller. See second two pics.

I went over to Sydney BC to see the Ground Tackle boys a week ago and that would likely be my choice of anchor if going to a single off the bow and maybe even into a modified nest.

Comments, critiques, or ideas?
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